$DINT Token

We are going to move the DINT community over to a new channel where we will grow it organically together. We are going to begin this transition today.

Please take a few moments to join the new channel, DINT Finance.


Our old group will distribute for winning members the Airdrop on 15th December 2021 and then convert this to our DINT Faucet Community Group.

The team will be monitoring both channels, so please reach out to any of us on either channel for assistance.

We’ll see you over there!

- The DINT Dev Team




To our Loyal Supporters,

Please enjoy a gift from the DINT Development Team
as our way of saying THANK YOU for all your support!

Round One
DINT Token Holders will Receive
10 (ten) $AARRE tokens
for each DINT in their Wallet at 12:00pm UTC on OCT 31.

And because we appreciate you so much, we are going to show our appreciation TWICE!

Round Two
DINT Token Holders will Receive
10 (ten) more $AARRE tokens
for each DINT held through the end of November to Wallets verified at 12:00pm UTC on Feb 1st 2022.

More news out soon, stay tuned!

The DINT Development Team



ENJOY our unique Farming curve!

$DINT Farming Payout Curve 💎

🌪 Exponentially growing APY 📈

Made to be profitable for investors while supporting projects without a need of locking Liquidity Tokens.

See | DINT-ETH | Curve Here👇🏼

See | DINT-USDT | Curve Here👇🏼

See | DINT-USDC | Curve Here👇🏼

See | DINT-UNI | Curve Here👇🏼

See | DINT-AAVE | Curve Here👇🏼

How to get $DINT Pool Tokens to farm?

1. Buy DINT with ETH
2. Add DINT and Pool Pair
3. Deposit your LP Tokens
4. Earn up to 18% APY 💎

Buy DINT with ETH and Add Liquidity to get right Pool Tokens for any Pool Pair / Farming Pair

📈$DINT LowCapGem #DINT 📈



We released the whitepaper yesterday. Whitepaper gives a complete description of what our unique project is all about. Whitepaper provides answers to many of the questions we are asked.

We do not intentionally open the technical features of the Corda application to maintain a competitive advantage.

Feel free to take a look at our publication. We answer questions to the best of our ability at Telegram.

We will also hold an AMA as soon as possible. Major marketing campaigns will begin soon.

-DINT Team